Local Southern Flair @ Highball & Harvest

Amazing meal!! First let me note,  It’s next to Norman’s but you have to take the stairs or elevator down to enter the restaurant and once you get in you have to go around bar to find the hostess stand.  We were a little turned around for a minute…or maybe we are just directionally challenged.

The entire staff was friendly and seemed to be happy about being there – that always makes the atmosphere even better.  The decor is laid back and the restaurant is pretty dark but it felt comfortable and homey.

Now on to the meal…it really was fantastic.  We started with the Butternut Squash Soup.  I was hesitant because I am a little funny about sweet foods like squash and pumpkin.  But this soup was AMAZING.  Sweet and spicy, creamy and just freakin’ tasty.  There was delicious chunks of candied bacon and some brussell leaves.  I want more! We also ordered some Brussell Sprouts from the $5 Fixin’ menu.  They were done perfectly.  Slightly charred with a hint of vinaigrette.

For dinner I went with Booker’s Skirt.  It was a generous portion of steak perfectly cooked.  This was served with whipped potatoes and a tomato and corn salad that was delish! I almost finished it all but I needed to save a little bit of room for dessert.  I also ordered the charred green beans from the $5 fixins’.  I am not joking when I tell you these were the best green beans ever.  They were crisp with a hint of lemon and topped with farmers cheese.  I couldn’t get enough.

My boyfriend had the Surf and Turf.  A new take on a classic that included Cobia and Pork Belly.  This was one pretty plate and the food on it was very good.  I only had a nibble but he polished it off and definitely enjoyed his meal.

And for dessert we went with the donuts.  One of the guys sold me on this because it’s served with a side of Nutella…no brainer! The donuts were made to order and served in a little paper bag with lots of sugar for coating.  There was a tub of Nutella and a tub of delicious cappuccino ice cream.  Holy cow…i’d like some more for breakfast.  These are a must try.

Lastly, the drinks.  I had the Dill or No Dill – made with gin, cucumbers, dill, lime and awesomeness.  It was refreshing and served over crushed ice.  Can’t go wrong there.  They have a good selection of handcrafted cocktails that I’m looking forward to trying on future visits.  The beer list is all local.  I love that! It goes with the entire theme of the menu which is locally sourced foods and of course some of it comes from their on property garden.

Highball and Harvest is a great addition to the Orlando restaurant scene.  Go…now!