North Quarter Tavern

Having visited North Quarter Tavern at least a half dozen times since they opened, I can safely say that this is my favorite restaurant downtown! Located in the area of the same name off Orange Ave on the other side of Colonial Dr, North Quarter Tavern does it all well. The menu changes often enough to keep things fresh, the staff have always been very nice, and the chefs are creative while using a variety of quality ingredients (many of which are made in house!). The restaurant exudes a kind of laid back attitude and is a great spot to catch lunch with friends. The portions are perfect and the prices are fair considering the quality of the food. The chef and some of the management are transplants from the neighboring Citrus restaurant, and their experiences there have clearly helped mold NQT into a successful concept.

This won’t be a long winded review because I think the photos speak volumes more than I have the energy to write tonight. I’ll simply say that you absolutely need to check this place out if you’re anywhere near downtown Orlando. Enjoy!