Se7en Bites Bakery in the Milk District

Serving up a variety of breakfast and lunch items on top of a wide assortment of baked goodness, Se7en Bites has got my attention! I stopped in for breakfast today on a whim while getting my car worked on at the shop down the street. First thing I was surprised by was how well the restaurant was presented. The baked goods looked like they were arranged for a photo shoot, and half of the kitchen/baking area was open for everyone to check out. I’m always a big fan of places that let the customer peek behind the curtain. The dining area was small, but that’s to be expected based on the overall size of the place. There is also a few small tables outside on a little wood patio, but it’s a few feet from the Primrose traffic, so it’s probably not for everyone.

I decided on the ham, egg and cheese biscuit, and the grits. The biscuit was very good, and the eggs and ham were perfect. What really put it over the top for me was the pimento cheese, which was creamy and really took the whole thing to another level. The grits on the other hand seemed to be a little over creamy and not really “gritty”. I think there was probably too much butter and/or cream, and not much starch to keep it dense. I topped breakfast off with a cold brewed iced coffee with caramel and a little cinnamon on their recommendation which got my morning started off right and tasted great to boot. I also really like the touch of serving up your meal on a baking sheet. Neat 🙂

I also picked up a bunch of the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the guys working on the car (and some for myself of course). The cookies were big, which was the first thing everyone mentioned when they grabbed one. The flavors were solid, but I would have liked two things. The cookies were a little dry, and the chocolate chips were small and not exactly bursting with chocolatey flavor. Still, a solid cookie for sure. I also found the peanut butter to be a bit on the salty side, which was maybe just a fluke. The oatmeal cream pie on the other hand was money all the way. Creamy, soft, and everything I’ve come to love about these great treats.

Check these guys out on Facebook and see you think. I imagine you’ll love it.