Swine & Sons in Winter Park

There is something special happening next door to Cask & Larder, and you don’t want to miss it. Talented chefs and owners have come together to create the ultimate in Southern inspired meals and takeout at Swine & Sons. The third concept from James and Julie Petrakis, owners of Cask & Larder and Ravenous Pig, strives to give you the best of their brands under one roof.

The location is part store and part sit down deli, with family style seating mixed in between the small shelves and coolers where you can find an assortment of their handmade items to go. I found that during a busy lunch day, it’s best to think of this as a to-go spot. On a quiet afternoon though, the laid back country-chic vibe is fun to be a part of. Service from the staff during my visit was fantastic, with everyone being happy to explain the dishes and really giving me an idea of the crazy amount of hard work they put into everything they make.

There is too much to cover, so I’ll briefly say that everything we tried was delicious, with a couple of truly unique items that need mentioning. The Southern Cuban and Ribeye Hot Dog were two of my favorites. The Southern Cuban swaps pickles for collard greens, which maintains that vinegar bite while still holding true to the original style. The Rib Eye Hot Dog is made in house and comes in The Classic form and The Pimento Dog. Purists will go Classic, but the adventurous will want to check out the Pimento Dog which combines pimento cheese, pickled green tomatoes and spicy chicharrones. For dessert you need to try the Ice Cream Sandwich, the Root Beer Float (with homemade root beer), and the Oatmeal Cream Pie.


I struggle to think of any place in the whole of Central Florida that combines this much culinary talent, amazing food, and quick to-go options. The partnership, both in ownership and in marriage, of Rhys and Alexia Gawlak who run the show day to day reflects in the overall idea of the shop. They have done an excellent job of taking the best from the two sister restaurants, mixing in their own ideas, and baking up this awesome layered concept. From sandwiches, cured meats, beer growlers, decadent homemade ice creams, sauces and rubs, and so much more, Swine & Sons makes honest, homemade food that delights.