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The Crew

Dave Nevill from Orlando Food SceneDave Nevill Jr

There are some have called him a young Anthony Bourdain, minus the chef experience, writing ability, culinary palette, and full head of hair. Born and raised in Orlando FL, Dave found his passion for food around the time he started working for himself in 2007. Being on the road, heading to jobs from Sanford to Tampa, Dave often found himself dining out. After a few months, it became obvious to him that finding hole in the wall places was consuming a lot of his time, and he was ending up on Yelp and FourSquare leaving reviews and taking photos. As social media transformed from a cool way to find old friends into a place to post photos of your lunch, Dave knew it was time to start his own site. Thus, Orlando Food Scene was born!

Special thanks to Megan for the inspiration and Lauren for creating the amazing logo! You guys are the best 🙂

You can email Dave your questions or comments here

Tony D.Tony D.
Contributing Wordsmith / Graphic & Web Designer / Daddy / Beard Enthusiast

Florida native and son of an acclaimed ACF Chef, Tony grew up surrounded by delicacy, laying the foundation for his culinary quality recognition skills.  He worked diligently, navigating his way through the restaurant ranks and trained under some of Orlando’s best service industry professionals, eventually opening his own restaurant.

From dive bars to fine dining, Tony enjoys the unique niche experiences each establishment presents, in search for food of plate licking proportions. Enjoy the honest and colloquially colorful, yet raw brutality of Taurian wordsmithing at its finest by following the rants and raves of Tony D.

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Karin ElizabethKarin

Contributor / Mouth of the South

Nestled between the foothills of Appalachia and the brilliant sands of the Outer Banks lies the town of Greenville, North Carolina. It was here that our story begins. For one humid day in May, 1986, Karin Elizabeth was born. Over the course of several years and many trips to the local Piggly Wiggly, our young critic developed a seasoned palate and a knack for constructive criticism. Karin spent 10 years living in the small town of Morehead, Kentucky enjoying the wonders of Pasquale’s Stromboli sandwiches and of course, lots of fried chicken.

We fast forward to 2003, when Karin joined the team of talent at Ruby Tuesday on Hull Street in Richmond, Va. She was young, she was eager, and she was ready to learn. It was not long before Karin wanted more. She craved culinary adventure, and refinement. And in 2005 she joined the team of Champps (also of Richmond, Va) where she infiltrated the kitchen and began to experiment with new and exotic foods.

Then Karin spent 12 years in the restaurant industry, serving, hosting, bartending, managing, and most importantly; eating. In 2008 armed with a doctorate in fine dining, and a liberal arts education (Radford University, and then Virginia Commonwealth University), she came to Orlando ready to explore the culinary scene.
Having worked with experienced chefs and critics alike, it is our honor to bring her world to you via the Internets. Karin currently resides in Winter Springs with her beloved cat, Charles and her 3 year old Whippet, Aida.
Grant GentryGrant Gentry
Contributor / Beer Connoisseur

With over ten year in the Orlando restaurant business, Grant knows a thing or two about the local Orlando Food Scene. From Food Trucks to linen napkins, Grant has seen it all. What he really wants to bring to the Orlando Food Scene blog though is his knowledge of off-the-beaten path restaurants and eateries – the kind you drive by a hundred times and never go in. And when the sun goes down Grant will also bring you his extensive knowledge of the bar scene in Orlando – what bars serve the best drinks and have the food to match.

So let Grant take you beyond the doors you never thought you’d walk through.


Megan NylanderMegan Nylander
Contributor / Healthy Eats Specialist

My name is Megan and just like the rest of us I love to go out and enjoy a nice meal.  With that being said, I like to do so while being health conscious, but not without an occasional splurge here or there.  I won’t pretend I know everything about food but I will strive to find healthier, yet tasty options at local restaurants here in Orlando so that you can have a great experience, enjoy great food, and not feel guilty the next day!


Marshall DeesMarshall Dees
Contributor / Unhealthy Expert

If Megan is the “Healthy Eats Specialist”, picture the exact opposite, add cheese and bacon, and you have me. Every time you see something on a menu you wish your heart healthy diet would allow you to eat, I’m the guy at the next table ordering it with a side of heartburn and a cold beer. If there is something on the dessert menu with the words death, explosion or anything along those lines… Order it! No regrets, especially when it comes to food.

Ashley HallAshley Hall
Contributor /

Gary HughesGary Hughes
Contributor / Award Winning Photographer

Mike McClendon
Contributor / World Class Bartender / Professional Food Consumer

From the depths of Chicago, comes a consumer of all foods tasty. Born with a special knack for recognizing flavors and pairings to go with those flavors, I have every intention of finding the best places to dine in Orlando. I also will weed out the pretenders and let them know they are subpar. I will leave no greasy spoon unturned, as well as five star restaraunts. To be completely honest, I am looking for great food, with a great atmosphere to boot. I am looking for the city of Orlando to show me a food culture that I believe is lacking here.