The Crooked Spoon

The Crooked Spoons Burger (I call it the OG Burger) and 6 Cheese Mac was my first food truck meal ever, so I freely admit to being a little biased. With that out of the way, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS BURGER! Or better yet, go for the upgrade and get the 420 Burger! Try the Mac, try the chips, try everything. You will thank me later, I assure you.

We’ll post up more photos and a full review soon, but here’s a little teaser for now.

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More about Chef Steve from their website…

Chef Steve Saelg, owner of The Crooked Spoon in Orlando FL, comes from a big Italian Family where food has always been a passion for him and a big part of his life. He knew early on exactly what he wanted to do as a chef and the way to get there was to work hard in all aspects of the restaurant business. He worked for a host of well respected chefs, front of the house managers, and other mentors, that fostered a never quit work ethic and developed a successful skill set that he brings to the kitchen every day. Along the way he defined and refined his pallet as well as developed his own philosophy on food.

Chef Steve was born in 1974 and grew up in a small town New Jersey. He began his food career after years of being unhappy in the finance world. After stints on Wall Street with a couple well known firms he decided to take the plunge and put himself through culinary school. The decision for him to move forward in his food education was clear and easy for him to make.

Chef Steve Saelg approaches the culinary field as a journey, not a destination. Every day is a learning experience. He surrounds himself with people of the same mind set, people who also have a strong sense of community and family. He continues to support local farms and markets whenever possible to ensure a more sustainable food system because true sustainability goes beyond the methods used in food production to include every step that brings food from farm to plate.